I’m Oddrid, a queer chick in my early 20’s. I have recently been rejected from several PhD programs, which has forced me to rethink and readjust my goals. I realize now that I was too ambitious, that I should have applied to MA programs and just swallowed the inevitable costs rather than try for a fully-funded PhD. It really sucks being told you’re not good enough, but in the end you have to take that knowledge and use it to make yourself a better candidate.

This year, however, I aim to do things right. This blog will chronicle my journey from lost post-undergraduate to (hopefully) well-adjusted Masters student. In the meantime, I’ll be filling in gaps in my literary education. My main focus (at the moment) is in American literature, particularly in Southern Gothic and American Science Fiction. Two widely different interests, I know. Maybe that’s why they didn’t accept me, haha. But I’ll be reading selections from all over the literary spectrum to help myself become a better candidate and person. Will you read along with me?


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