Please… send help…

April 8, 2010

I am currently trying to get through Robert Heinlein’s The Moon is a Harsh Mistress, but I am having a hard time considering how sexist it is and the fact that he really, REALLY wants me to be a libertarian. And I am just not feeling it. I don’t mind books that are political in nature (see my review of Iron Council below) as long as the views aren’t set up in a “So, main character, tell me exactly what your political views are for three pages” manner.

I had to throw the book away after reading a line praising the main character’s “mature male drive.” He’s a good candidate for a leader because he is what, full of magic semen? Ughhhhhhhhghhghg.


5 Responses to “Please… send help…”

  1. Kunzelman Says:

    Heinlein is much like Rand with the whole “let the protagonist spiel forever” thing.

  2. Tolkienista Says:

    Just cut your losses. If the book ain’t good, it ain’t good.

  3. thanks for the warning

  4. Hannah Says:

    I am not sure how far you got but Heinlein is apparently notorious for his sexism. I was informed that The Moon is a Harsh Mistress isn’t as bad as some of his other books simply because the female characters are so minor. For the most part you can sort of pretend they didn’t happen and move on with the story.

    I don’t remember the line about his male drive though. I can imagine the pick up lines stemming from “magic semen”. lol Get all the moon chicks attention.

    What I do like about the book and I will argue that it is a worthwhile read despite his sexist bend. I feel like for a science fiction story written that long ago to still be able to predict a believable future scape in 2010 is pretty amazing. I mean computers were barely on the scene back then at all and I really like how he deals with future slang and technical issues of living on the moon.

    But if you have to throw it into a corner and walk away I will understand.

    The Yiddish Policemen’s Union is kinda blowing my mind right now. The pace of the story is a bit slower but I am in love with the writing style.

  5. IceCrystal Says:

    Ugh, sounds like the sort of thing that makes me twitch with rage.

    My only advice is… “Know thine enemy”? Which is why I sometimes listen to Sean Hannity and his ilk. Laugh or cry, I guess…

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